Saturday, July 19, 2014

Peek Inside Todd Reed's Window!

If you happen to find yourself in Boulder, Colorado do yourself a favor of fabulous proportions and head to Todd Reed's recently remodeled studio on beautiful Pearl Street. Not only are the window displays elegant and breathtaking, but the interior decor nearly rivals the insanely gorgeous jewelry that is being handmade right there (you can see clear into the studio where the jewelers are at their benches, meticulously hard at work!!!).!/ 
Close up detail of Todd Reed's current window display at their Boulder, CO flagship store/studio
"Todd pulls inspiration from the endless beauty found in nature--the most intricate details of the natural world can spawn an entire collection. Since the beginning, Todd has been involved in every step of the process. All pieces are inspired, designed and hand-fabricated in Boulder, CO with recycled metals and diamonds that have been purchased through reputable sources." -TR

Raw Diamond Cluster stud earrings
Todd Reed is known for his visually stunning and earthy jewelry.  This pair of raw diamond studs feature a cluster of varying shapes that add a layer of intrigue you will never tire of.  The neutral earth tones make them an easy-to-wear, everyday earring. We are also LOVING these earrings for the bride-to-be...what a sweetly stunning and artful adornment to send your special day over the edge of pure beauty!
Double Row diamond band
Raw elegance at its best! This side by side view of both full cut and raw diamonds is a spectacle to be had in one little ring. The warm textured 18K yellow gold holds these special diamonds in complete composure. A stacking statement all in one!
Diamond Circle necklace
This open circle Todd Reed necklace is composed of a mosaic of raw diamond cubes interspersed with brilliant cut diamonds and set in rich 18k yellow gold. The contrast of the oxidized sterling silver chain makes this already unique pendant overly special. You won't want to take this precious piece off!

If you can't make it to Colorado, we've got the next best thing! Our inspiring collection of Todd Reed jewelry will take you to another world...let us bring you there!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Natural Beauties from Joseph Murray!

Joseph Murray has a true love of the ocean and all things inspired aquatic. We love to see what he comes up with! These South Sea pearls dangle gracefully from golden coral branches, making them the perfect summer earrings. Make a splash with these deep sea treasures!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NEW! Summer Treasures from Todd Reed!

Todd Reed's designs are the optimal symbols of glamor! The contrast of oxidized metals with colored diamonds and warm splashes of gold are the artisanal dream come true! This cuff bracelet is particularly swoon worthy, wouldn't you say?!
Invest in beauty and you'll never look back.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Maria Beaulieu Knows Pearls

Each and every pearl that Maria Beaulieu hand selects is as unique and individual as a fingerprint. She loves to find really beautiful, high lustre pearls, and the more interesting the shape, the better! Her pearl earrings come in a gorgeous array of silvery whites, deep dark mysterious greys, bright golden hues and peachy-pink metallics. What kind of pearl girl are you? South Sea, Tahitian, or freshwater... these pearls will absolutely make you want to be the girl with the pearl earring!

Gabriella Kiss Summer Style

Golden butterfly wings with ruby briolette drops, mother of pearl moths with bezel set orange sapphires and 18k gold wasps suspended in bronze honeycombs... Gabriella Kiss Heaven!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cuff Summer Lovin'

There's just so much to love about summer!
Beach days, lemonade, pretty pink toes and fresh tomatoes...oh the list goes on!
What we really love about summer, above all else, is how amazing jewelry looks on sun-kissed skin!
We are really into cuff bracelets right now - our billowy tanks are on and we are rocking the big bold look of the summer season to the max! Here are just a few highlights from our beautiful and fun summer stock...

John Iversen is the maker of this ingeniously crafted oxidized sterling silver doubloon cuff - have you ever seen anything like it?! It is so incredibly comfortable and so incredibly fabulous! We love the silvery textures, making it the perfect statement piece night or day.

Todd Reed is another favorite this time of year (well, anytime really!) but we are especially enamored right now because of the way the raw diamonds catch so much sunlight and glimmer with every turn and every angle. It's actually hard to concentrate on anything else among the presence of one of these beauties, seriously. Todd really knows how to catch our attention - ever since the Couture show we have been utterly fixated on his cuffs! Yellow, grey, champagne, black and white - rough diamonds have never looked so good, and we have fallen deep in love.

Pat Flynn. Summer. Staple.  Bare arms no more! Whether diamonds or gold are your fix - Pat Flynn has a stunning piece that will accentuate your summer style! The elegant and raw pairing of iron with precious metals and stones is a must have.

So the theme is simple: bold, bewitching and beautiful. Now get out there with your favorite piece of handmade artisan jewelry and enjoy this fabulous summer!!!

P.S.  Never fear, cuff tan lines can always be covered up by more stacks of bracelets!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jamie Joseph's Cup Runneth Over.

Jamie Joseph's rings are a must-have this season! Their simple design featuring the juiciest of gemstones are enough to make the sun shine just a little brighter. We feel so lucky to be able to share this beautiful collection with you...let us help you find your summer match!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Color Essentials!

Happy summer, it's official! June 21st marked the summer solstice, woohoo! So now what?

Now there's no excuse! Bring out those fab summer colors we have waited all year long to bask in. Turquoise, coral, blues, greens, is the time to get your color loaded sparkle on - we can help with the color part, just let the sun do the rest!

Here is just a tiny taste of what summer essentials we have in the gallery waiting for you...

Lola Brooks' faceted aquamarine cool water on the hottest of days.

Pure turquoise, dripping gold, diamonds...these Lucifer Vir Honestus earrings will be a summer staple, day or night!

For the summer worshiper in us all, these Nicole Landaw Pink Tourmaline earrings are truly the season's totem.

Reinstein/Ross. Emerald. Tassels. Need we say more?!

Gabriella Kiss never skimps when it comes to vibrant stones! Chrysophase is coveted for it's eye-catching color, and these cabochon earrings are no exception. Let your hair down this summer and show your true colors!

It's heating up already just looking at these stunners! Don't let another gorgeous day go by without the proper summer wardrobe accoutrements.  Let us assist you...we know the secret shortcut to soaking up the summer sun in handmade artisan jewelry style! Visit our "Summer Essentials" collection on our website for more inspiration!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Sparklers from Reinstein/Ross!

Somehow Reinstein/Ross takes classic jewelry to a whole new level! Always handmade and always stunning, their designs showcase sapphires like you've never seen. Embedded in unique alloys of gold, like 20K peach and 22K apricot, these stones shimmer beyond your wildest dreams! Let Reinstein/Ross bring you to a place of pretty, a place that rests on your finger and gives a daily reminder of how sometimes simple is best.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pat Flynn... Fiercely Original!

Pat Flynn isn't just the designer of the hour, he is the artist of a lifetime! These forged iron nail bracelets have long been a Quadrum favorite...we believe these are a staple for any jewelry aficionado!
Gold, iron and diamonds (see here for more styles!) in his and hers sizes...what could be better?!
Don't leave your arms empty this summer - stack up!

Men's Jewelry Gets an Edge!

We spend a lot of time swooning and obsessing over all the sparkle and gold that gleams from our cases, and we certainly don't want to leave you men out! Quadrum has an incredible collection of men's jewelry as well! Many of our artists dabble in men's styles, and some of our favorites include Todd Reed, Gurhan and Pat Flynn.

Bands by Anne Sportun

Together our artists create an incredible collection of many different unique wedding band styles and every day rings. From simple and polished, to edgy mixed metals and rough diamonds there is a mode to suit any personality. We strongly believe that a man's wedding band doesn't have to be, shall we say, boring. You'll be wearing this a long time so why not make it something cool?! Choose a ring that truly suits you, a ring that is well-made with the utmost care and attention, as well as the highest quality materials.

Rings by Todd Reed, bracelets by Gurhan, Pat Flynn and Todd Reed
Rock out in raw diamonds and mixed metals! Here we are showing a very small selection of some of our totally cool pieces, but let's not forget to mention Reinstein/Ross, Henrich and Denzel, Alex Sepkus, Barbara Heinrich, Dodo, Gellner, George Sawyer, Humphrey, and Paul Morelli all have men's styles to choose from (oh, the list goes on!).!/
Belts by Todd Reed
 These belts are from the newest men's collection of Todd Reed's - what else can we say but "WOW"!!! These belts possess everything we love about Todd's designs...they are edgy, bold and immaculately crafted. Finally, a belt that is oriented to the man out there with a design savvy lifestyle!
Rings by Todd Reed, bracelets by Pat Flynn and Todd Reed
If you don't see exactly what you are looking for on our website, please give the gallery a call (or better yet, visit in person!) because not all of our collection (not even close to all!) is shown online and we love seeing you men sporting our artists' awesome creations.

Hey man, we've got something for you too!